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Shed all the hubbub of a mundane and scheduled life away at Chesa Bianca Swiss Restaurant. The little restaurant along Yakal Street in the central Makati district is the talk of the town. People visit us for the serene and peaceful air we restored with the wooden layout. Surprisingly, the city birds (yes, customers) nest at our place and make regular visits.

Chesa Bianca is a vibrant restaurant where you can taste Swiss home-style cooking, like our Classic Cheese Fondue or our irresistible Cordon Bleu. From the supply point of view, the location is perfect being right beside a major supplier of high-quality imported food and beverages, Werdenberg International Corp., and the main Säntis Deli Yakal outlet.

Smooth decors, exciting weekly menus, and an ample selection of wines by the glass keep its regular clientele of businessmen, families, and yuppies in frequenting this restaurant. Since you are here, reading this, we reveal to you the secret to our success “The freshest is the best”.

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