Italy’s national salad displaying its three colours:tomatoes, arugula (seasonal) mozzarella and basil,with extra virgin olive oil and black pepper

P 470 +

with burrata - P 620 +

tomato based vegetable and pasta soup with parmesan and pesto

P 270 +

traditional meat sauce from Bologna served with grated parmesan cheese

P 470 +

with sun-dried tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, olives and anchovies

P 470 +

assorted seafoods with capers, olives, garlic and onions in tomato sauce

P 520 +

sliced chicken in mushroom cream with green peppercorn and fresh Italian herbs, served with pasta napolitaine

P 470 +

garlic, onion, mushroom, gorgonzola and cream

P 490 +

spicy tomato sauce with bacon, garlic, pepperoncini, parsley and parmesan

P 490 +

garlic, olive oil, pepperoncini, parsley

P 490 +

cream, pancetta, parmesan, parsley and egg yolk

P 490 +

golden fried pork tenderloin in parmesan egg batter served with spaghetti napolitaine

P 570 +

Gluten Free Pasta Available

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